Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springtime Music Under the Live Oaks

The weekend of March 28 and 29 is well into South Texas springtime, and that should mean certain things. Will it be cold? Yes. Will it be warm? Yes. Will the dreaded Mountain Cedar pollen be under control? Yes. Will the dreaded Oak pollen be raging? Yes. But will there be wine and pizza and music? Oh, most definitely yes. And so it was that The Tim and Bob Show had yet another two-gig weekend. And since the weather was cooperating, both gigs were held outdoors.

Our first appearance was Saturday night at WineStyles, Stone Oak. Our last two performances there found us inside sheltering from the cold and, as a result of the constricted space, doing without the musical stylings of the women. Steve and I did our best, but it can't be the band's best without Kathy and Mary Lou. This time, all four of us were there, and we capitalized on it in a big way. Our set list was chock full of four-parters and everyone did his or her part to rock the premises. We set up under the shelter of a huge Live Oak tree in WineStyle's patio and offered our music up into the stars.

Tim and Bob nationals Hillary and Matt were there, and so was "the other Matt" also known as FulhamAg, who dropped by after the USA Soccer match to order a beer from San Antonio's finest wine shop. It was a great night, made even better by the presence of both Kathy and Mary Lou. The former will be in a play shortly, while the latter will be visiting relatives also in a short time. It was good to have them with us.

The same was true the very next night at Fralo's Art of Pizza, the site of our very first gig going on four years ago. The weather was cooperative -- it was a bit warmer than the previous evening -- and the skies were clear and the Oak trees sheltered the band. We did our usual mixture of covers from the 60s and 70s and original tunes. Steve wailed out on the electric when the material called for it, and allowed us to enjoy some deft finger-picking on his Taylor on quieter selections. Once again we rocked the joint. The favorite for me for BOTH gigs was our original "South Texas Saturday Night" -- a song inspired by Fralo's and included on our CD.

Tim and Bob National Casey showed up along with Leo and Belen and their daughter Laura. It was great to see Leo and Belen, who last saw us at Fralo's two years ago. They said they drove down from Austin just to see us, but I think they really came down to see Laura. We also made new friends in Steve, Eileen, and Ian, and James and Steffy. When the night was over, Fralo's presented us with "a pizza to go." What a night.

And what a weekend. What next? Well, you know you want to find out. Check out our website's "next gigs"! page [while you're there, look at the photographs!]. and watch your inbox for gig alerts.

It's time for outdoor live music, folks! Support your local rock 'n rollers.

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