Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Quiet August? I Don’t Think So.

Looking at it from a very narrow perspective, it could be said that August 2010 was a quiet month for the band. We played only two gigs, and both of those were at the same location – the Olmos Bharmacy. A slightly broader view, however, provides a more accurate assessment. During this month the band also marked our 5th anniversary as a professional musical group. We celebrated with a brilliant meal at a fine restaurant and then, on the date itself, we celebrated by doing something we enjoy more and more, raising money for charity. Our tips at the August 28 performance contributed $130 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s ongoing fundraiser, Light the Night.

We’re just getting used to the fact that the Bharmacy is really a music club, rather than what we’ve become used to – a restaurant that features live music. Because it is the way it is, our music is more central to the evening’s festivities than we’ve been previously accustomed to. Naturally, we love it. Carlos and Patty Lou are wonderful to work with, and we’re hoping that our presence and our following helps swell their coffers.

One thing we’ve noticed about this great venue is that folks come back regularly and, when they do, they bring different sets of friends. So each gig there is a chance to greet old friends and meet new ones. And, speaking of friends, here’s the Tim and Bob Nationals who graced us with their presence during August: Marcie, Sandy Sheila and Susan; Vicki, John, and Linda; Sandra and Judy; Rick and Jessie and friends; Steve, Sandy, Phyllis, and Art; Rich; David, Chara and friends; Louise and Patrick; Rob and Kimberly; Peter, Marguerite, Dylan, and Justin; Beth and Matt; Hillary and Brian; Tamika, Laura, and Vince; Tina and Duffy; Peggy; Pam and Dick; Pam and Esther; Casey, Karen, and Rich; Rob; Crystal, Elizabeth, and Joe; Larry; and SA Blue Cat Mike with Laura.

That’s a lot, huh? If you’re not among that group, you really need to come out and see us. Despite Steve and Kathy’s work commitments and their membership in Fein Tuned and The Merrie Court Singers, the band has not stood still. We continue to add new material – four new songs made their debut in those two gigs – but we’re also taking songs that were originally “Steve and Don” songs and adapting them to increase our ever-growing supply of four-parters. This has allowed us to increase our use of Kathy’s bass and Mary Lou’s percussion skills, along with getting more voices into the mix.

We have over 230 songs in our performing repertoire now. I think we might have had 25 or 30 when we played our first ever gig at Fralo’s back in 2005. Over the course of the band’s life, we’ve been selected San Antonio’s Best Cover Band twice, had our CD recognized as the city’s “Album of the Year,” we’ve served as Artist in Residence, and were selected the Texas Music Coalition’s Artist of the Year. All this has happened while we’ve played over 160 gigs in at least 30 different venues. These have been five very good years for Steve, Kathy, Mary Lou, and myself and, as Frank Sinatra or Peggy Lee would tell you, the best is yet to come.

Speaking of what’s “yet to come,” watch this space for a future blog detailing a pretty significant event in the life of The Tim and Bob Show. I promise! In the meantime, check out our site, see where we’re playing next, and drop by our guest book to tell us what YOU think!.