Thursday, July 29, 2010

Remember when Summer Vacation Used to Last Forever?

Back when I was in grade school, no matter how busy I was, no matter how many activities I had, I always seemed to have lots of time to just sit around and wonder how long it REALLY was until September. Well, for the Hymel half of The Tim and Bob Show, it’s still kind of that way. While the Feinstein half balances full-time jobs with membership in THREE bands and seemingly manage to keep up with everything else, the oldest member of the group seems to let things slip through his fingers until they are late. And, since that guy [me!] is responsible for the blog … it’s catch-up time! Enough woolgathering; on to The Tim and Bob Show Blog for:

June – The band had only two gigs in June – on successive Saturdays.

On the 5th, we made our very first appearance as performers at the San Antonio Zoo. We were helping a wonderful group named Vitas thank the volunteers who had contributed to their foundation. They basically took over the zoo after hours and, in addition to the entertainment to be had at San Antonio’s wonderful facility, they were going to get some musical diversion from The Tim and Bob Show. We were ensconced in an underground grotto facing the underwater portion of the hippopotamus enclosure. People came in and out throughout the gig and very few people were with us for more than two songs, but it was a fun night for us. Candyce and Tim were most responsible for hiring us, and for that we thank them – and for the wonderful food as well. We’d also like to thank Nancy from the Zoo who helped us with the logistics. Tim and Bob Nationals Mara and Casey came along to help out with setting up and merchandise display and sales. But our most special thanks go out to the hippos. Throughout our gig, the pair turned their backs on us while they cuddled closely and floated serenely. One of them, however, was a little too inspired by our rendition of “Hotel California” and delivered himself of a seemingly never-ending supply of … uh … waste. Everybody is a critic.

On the 12th, we returned to the Olmos Bharmacy. This historic drugstore turned restaurant and bar is fast becoming one of our most favorite venues ever. We sound great in there with a minimum of amplification. This means plenty of four-parters and a reduced equipment load. We also draw a lot of friends there, so we have plenty of smiling faces to play to. This time we also found a most enthusiastic – and insistent – new fan. One of our nation’s federal appeals court judges likes to hang out at The Bharmacy, and he really liked our music. He liked it so much that he insisted on an encore, and then another, and then another. By the time we left, we’d played an hour longer than expected. We were exhausted – me especially so since I’d used up a lot of energy earlier in the day watching the USA-England World Cup match – but it had been a memorable night. There were a ton of Tim and Bob Nationals on hand, including members of The Lavens, as well as the wonderful Elf Louise, and our long-lost friend Lee. Hillary and Brian, and Bethany and Matt were there as were several others, but by the time we had packed up and headed out to the car, all that was left was The Judge and his friends. What a night.

Earlier I mentioned Steve and Kathy’s “other bands.” Attention needs to be paid to those two ensembles as Mary Lou and I are huge fans.

Fein Tuned is a duo that consists of Steve and Kathy. It’s been going for a few months now, and is perfect for those locations where space is a concern. Those of you who enjoy the “Steve and Kathy” portion of a Tim and Bob Show gig, should really check these guys out. Check out their website, or become a fan on facebook.

The Merrie Court Singers have been around for more than a quarter-century, and Kathy and Steve have been with them for most of that time. They specialize in Renaissance and Medieval music and their wonderful voices and their love of harmonies is a great contribution to each performance. The group consists of 6-8 singers who perform a cappella and in appropriate costume. They have TWO repertoires, one suitable for the Christmas holidays, while the other features songs with secular themes both joyful and naughty. Check them out here, or become a fan on facebook.

Well, July will be history before you know it, so I’d better finish the blog for June and get it to Steve for uploading. In the meantime, check out the “next gigs” feature of our main website, enjoy our photographs, and yield to temptation when you look at some of our merchandise.