Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting the New Year Right!

2007 was such a good year for The Tim and Bob Show, we had to start 2008 the same way we started last year - with a brunch-time gig at Patty Lou's Restaurant. And, just like last year, plenty of Tim and Bob Nationals showed up to make it a party.

It's worth noting that last New Year's Day gig featured the debut of the Tim and Bob original song Decisions. Well, this year we did ourselves one better and debuted two Feinstein-Hymel compositions: Looking Back and (Some Days) Everything Sounds Like a Song. We also debuted a non-original tune, Otis Redding's Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Even though Steve and Don had pretty much put their colds and laryngitis behind them, each of them had some scratchiness in the throat that made it difficult to hit some of those high notes. The girls, however, sounded fantastic, with Kathy's Breathe and Mary Lou's Dream a Little Dream being especially notable.

Fully 22 Tim and Bobbers were on hand today - some grizzled veterans and some newbies. They helped to swell the crowd and reward Patty Lou for her decision to open on her usual day off. A special thanks for making "early" "bright and early" to Karen and Mike, Laura, Alice and George, Leigh-Anne, Hillary, Ruthie and Janet, Marcie and Sandy, Courtney and Pat, Rob and Yolanda, Sam and Otto, John-Michael, and Pete. And a very special thanks to Sheila, Bruce, and Casey who showed up wearing their brand new The (Fabulous) Tim and Bob Show 2007 World Tour of South Texas" tee-shirts. Santa was good to you guys, huh?

Finally, we want to thank everyone who started the year with love, compassion, and generosity by contributing so lavishly to our tip jar. As we announced, 100% of our tips from all our January gigs are going to defray the medical costs incurred by our good friend and mentor, Ron Wilkins. The response today was amazing, and will be gratefully received by the Wilkins family.

If you missed this gig, don't worry. We've got two more on the books in January and fully 22 more already scheduled throughout the rest of 2008. Check your email inbox for the location and date of our next appearance. Happy New Year Tim and Bob Nation!

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