Friday, January 18, 2008

The Sensei Appears!

On a cold, windy Friday night, The Tim and Bob Show came to Order Up at the Colonnade in San Antonio to provide our contribution to the marriage of good food and good music.

And it was cold, and it was rainy, and -- face it -- we're kind of spoiled by our great weather down here. However, enough of our Tim and Bob Fans showed to make it a good show.

For the first time since mid-November, our collective voices were in good enough shape to select a set from all our repertoire. The 28 songs we sang included 8 that we had written ourselves, and we had our usual mix of two part and multiple part harmonies.

Those who were so brave as to show up included Tim and Bob Nationals Bethany and Richard, Katie, David and Lisa, and Ron and Rhonda. Ron, also known as "The Sensei" is the legendary jazz performer and teacher Ron Wilkins whose vocal tutelage of Don and Mary Lou has done so much to make The Tim and Bob Show possible. It had been more than a year since he'd shown up at one of our shows -- musicians tend to work on Friday and Saturday nights after all -- and he seemed pleased at our growth during that time.

Ron has experienced some difficulty recently, and The Tim and Bob Show are among several San Antonio-area bands and solo performers who will be gathering at the Luna Fine Music Club on Sunday, January 27 for an all-day concert to help defray the cost of his medical bills. Check out our Next Gigs section of our website or Luna's website to see details.

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