Saturday, January 12, 2008

And Then, Suddenly, the North Wind Stopped

All day Saturday [January 12] there was a pretty strong breeze from the northwest. Although it had been warm and sunny, the intrepid members of The Tim and Bob Show knew that it was going to be a tough night for guitars and the guys who played them at Fralo’s Art of Pizza. But, then, suddenly … .

This was our first gig of the year at Fralo’s – the place where it all began back in the fall of 2005. And, thanks to the calm conditions, the cool winter evening turned out to be just perfect for gigging out of doors. We are truly blessed to be living where we are. Mary Lou was in Southern California with family, but Steve, Kathy, and Don girded up our collective loins and shouldered her share of the action. And the action was good. Steve and Don played their two newest songs – Everything Sounds Like a Song and Looking Back – and the band introduced some new songs. Don sang the REM standard Losing My Religion and a Leon Redbone-ish version of the old standard Up the Lazy River. Kathy debuted One Tin Soldier a folk-rock classic not often heard in these parts.

All these new and new-ish tunes were well received by the hardy group of folks looking for good music and food. The usual fun-loving Fralo’s crowd was swelled by the presence of fully 21 (!) members of Tim and Bob Nation - Hillary (who was off on the next morning for Oakland) and Marcelo, Bethany and Richard, Leigh-Anne and her uncle Sam (yes, uncle Sam from England no less), Pat and Jack, Patty, her husband and family, and 4 friends, Katie, Micah and Ron, and Nicole and Matt. One of the fun things for the younger members of the crowd was the new Tim and Bob Show coloring book – with artwork by T&B National Bruce Limpus. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well it kinda was. Thanks Bruce, and thanks Kathy for putting the books together.

How did we sound? Well, considering it’s Mountain Cedar Fever season, we sounded pretty good. And we’re looking forward to our next trip back. In the meantime, we’ve got some gigs elsewhere in and around San Antonio. Where? Check out the Next Gigs section of this website.

See you there! and tell us what YOU think!

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