Sunday, February 1, 2009

Open House and Open Bottles

The last two days of January saw The Tim and Bob Show wrap up a very busy first month of the year. On Friday, January 30, we returned to the campus of Warm Springs Rehab Hospital in the Medical Center. This time, instead of serenading patients, therapists, nurses, and doctors, we were assisting OASIS in their open house. We played from 1 until 3 to about 80 or so people. It was "concert style," and we had everyone's attention and support from the very beginning. Because we weren't going to have the ladies with us on Saturday, Steve and I designed two sets that used every four-part and most three-part songs in our repertoire. The gals hardly left the stage. When they did, it was to sell what turned out to be a total of 11 CDs. Amazing stuff, considering I didn't think we'd sell a single one. Another surprise was that our good friend Nan was among the audience. How cool! It was a great day for us, and I hope it was successful for Ginny and all the folks at OASIS.

On Saturday, we returned to WineStyles at Stone Oak. After being rather cramped the last time we played indoors, Jerry suggested that we scale down the band to just Steve and me. It had been a while since we performed as a twosome, but we did our best. We had a relatively small group of very appreciative listeners, and made some new friends in Bob and the three charming ladies that accompanied him. We also chose this venue to debut two new songs. "Crazy Mo" was written by our friend, local singer/songwriter/real estate man Jerry Bailey. I've had it "in my back pocket" for a while, and put it into the mix. It was well received, as was our newest Tim and Bob Original "Ain't Too Tired," a sweet and slightly naughty song best appreciated by the older crowd. Another highlight for us was the lady who danced to one of our songs ... outside on the patio ... by herself. Love it!

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Steve Malbasa said...

Oasis -- the dimwitted Gallagher brothers came by for a gig? You poor guys.