Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Epiphone and Guitar Gloves Debut at Fralo's

It was a January gig at Fralo's Art of Pizza. This made it a gamble? Why? Because Fralo's is an outdoor venue and because it's January. Two days later, and we'd have been performing in 35-degree weather, A week earlier, the same would be true.

As it was, there was a small, but very enthusiastic crowd to hear Steve's new Epiphone electric guitar (see the pic above). It marked a change from our traditional acoustic sound, but it gave us some variety. There's still a couple of rough spots to deal with, but we plan to make it a feature at all our outside gigs.

Also debuting were some gloves knitted for Steve and me by our friend Anna (also in the pics). They leave the fingers and thumb free to pick and fret, but keep the rest of the hand and wrist nice and warm. Thanks, Anna; they're wonderful.

Oh yeah, about the crowd. Well, Tim and Bob Nationals Hillary and Matt, Zara, and Larry were there, along with tons of friends and family members on all sides. These members are now our new friends. They include Matt's parents Diane and John, family friends Lynda and Isaac, Zara's (boy?) friend Fernando, and Larry's children Sarah and Scott,

We also made some new friends Cindy and Doug, and Dwayne and Helen. By the time the evening was over, everyone who was listening were part of the ever-growing Tim and Bob Nation.

And, to round the evening off, the temperature at the time we broke our equipment down and drove home was the same as it was as 3 that afternoon. Amazing! But, as Mary Lou likes to say, "That's just the Tim and Bob mojo working."

Where will we be next? Check our "upcoming gigs" page. While you're there, stop by our guestbook and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

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