Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Road Trip to Austin!

The Tim and Bob Show ventured up the dangerous straits known as I35N to Austin on Thursday, February 7, to play at the Texas Association of Alternative Educators [TAAE] annual convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

We hadn't played in Austin in more than a year, so we were looking forward to the trip. We were especially looking forward to it because if there's anyone who deserves entertainment more than folks who work in alternative education, we don't know who they are. Steve brought along his Epiphone, because we knew we'd have some sort of elevation on our stage, and that we'd have more room than usual, and that we'd have a pretty good chance to rock out. We also took advantage of the space to involve the women more than we usually do. It seemed that about 3/4 of the songs featured Kathy, Mary Lou, or both.

It was a casino night for the educators, and there were lots of good prizes to be had -- including donated copies of our CD, Take It Outside, and Steve's CD, Be. Everyone enjoyed the music, and we kind of expected that. But nobody expected the reaction we got to "Barefootin'." While we had one brave woman dancing with a beer bottle for a partner to "Mustang Sally," there must have been 20 people crowding the floor to this old Robert Parker standard. Where Steve normally takes a minimal lead excursion on this song, he must have taken six or seven choruses of searing lead licks, just to keep the dancers on the floor. When we finally ended the song about 3 minutes later than we normally do, there was a huge round of applause.

All too soon it was time to call the evening to a halt, to pack up, and to drive back home. But we'll remember how much we enjoyed playing for these wonderful folks. I especially enjoyed chatting with a bunch of folks from El Paso, my birthplace.

Thanks to all the great folks at the Crowne Plaza, to the dedicated educators of TAAE, and to our good friend Joe for setting everything up.

It was tough getting up the next morning, but we'd all had a night to remember!

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Steve Malbasa said...

nice work Don, or Tim, or Bob.