Friday, May 23, 2008

What a Super Night at Fralo's

Wow! Let me get to the punchline first. I am almost positive that we set a record for the greatest number of Tim and Bob Nationals at any gig in the history of The Tim and Bob Show. Fralo's was rockin'!!!!!!!!!!

It was steamy when we got there. According to the time/temperature thingy halfway to the site, it was over 100 degrees, and it was muggy. All of us were set up with back-up shirts and plenty of water for the night. As we ate our pre-gig pizza it seemed too hot even for the housefly air force that buzzed us incessantly. Set up was arduous, and we were kinda bushed before we hit a note ... but then we hit a note and then another and then suddenly it was a fantastic night.

The night was devoted to Katie and Sam, the latter celebrating his 24th birthday and the former off to Austin to nursing school. There was cake and good spirits, and there to enjoy the celebration with those two were, Karen, Sandra, Casey, Bethany, Matt, Hillary, Marcelo, Jerry, Moira, and their daughter Kylie Grace, Cathie, Elizabeth, Cristina and her fiance Ryan, Peter, Margarite, Brianna and her two German friends, Rob and Kimberly, John, Mike and Alice, Bret and Cindy, Sherri, Pete, friends and family, and local jazz players Morgan King and Joan Carroll. Wow! That's a lot. And we also recruited new Tim and Bob-ites Jason, Julie, and Vicki. The only name missing from of this is Mary Lou, who missed the gig because she's in California helping her mom recover from surgery.

Breaking a long-standing position of not having "guests" on stage, we had back up for Bye-bye Love, Eight Days a Week, and Katie joined Steve for Rocky Raccoon.

We also debuted our latest Tim and Bob original, South Texas Saturday Night and were pretty pleased with how it sounded and was received. There were the usual miscues and confused looks between the guys, but all-in-all we're pretty pleased with how the night went -- especially once the breeze came up. It cooled things nicely for us and blew away the flies.

Well, no rest for the wicked as we landed a last-minute Saturday gig at OrderUp. Then there's a recording session on Tuesday -- watch this space for information about this project -- and then two more gigs next weekend.

Hope to see y'all out and about soon.

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