Friday, May 9, 2008

Hot Summer Nights Came Early This Year

Well, San Antonio skated through all of 2007 without once hitting the 100 degree mark, but our chances of repeating that feat in 2008 died a month and a half before summer even had a chance to arrive. On an early spring Friday evening, The Tim and Bob Show played in triple-digit temperatures before an overheated but enthusiastic crowd at Beto’s Comida Latina. It was hot and hazy before we began playing at 7, and hot and humid by the time we finished at 10. Kathy was back with the group for the first time in several gigs as her play had concluded its successful run, but we still weren’t at full strength, as Mary Lou was in California with family.

We began the gig with a new number for us, The Beatles Revolution, and finished with our traditional Bye-bye Love. In between, we also debuted Jimmie Rodgers’ It’s Over and Conway Twitty’s It’s Only Make Believe. Because of the change in personnel, and the absence of a fourth voice, we altered the format slightly. The new format featured three three-part songs that Kathy sang lead on, as well as spotlighting Kathy in her own three-song set.

During the evening we had a good-sized crowd that was very responsive. Several members of Tim and Bob Nation showed up at Beto’s, including Hillary and Marcelo, Bethany and Matt, Doug, Marcie, Jim, Kathleen, Chris and Mario, and Connie and Edwin, as well as more of Connie’s friends. It was near enough to Chris’s birthday for the guys to sing the Beatles Birthday for her.

But enough name dropping, how did we sound? Well, we think we sounded great. It’s always fun to play at Beto’s – regardless of the weather – and there were plenty of hearty souls out to enjoy the good food, drink, and music that Beto’s features. All-in-all, it was another funtabulous night to be playing in a rock ‘n roll band.

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