Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Tim and Bob Show was designed to be a cover band featuring familiar tunes from the 50s through the 00s. The band’s aural signature has always been tight harmonies to the accompaniment of amplified acoustic guitars. We’re popular because we play “locational music” – that is, people hear our songs and think “I was in college when that came out” or “that song reminds me of when we lived in North Carolina.”

Having said all that, almost from the beginning – August 2005 was our first paying gig – Steve and I have been writing songs together. Steve is primarily responsible for the melodies [and for arrangement and orchestration] and I’m primarily responsible for the lyrics. Generally, however, each of us has a suggestion or two about the other guy’s primary area of interest, and those suggestions almost always are incorporated into the song-in-development. Once they’re ready, we integrate our originals into our performances, and the audiences seem to enjoy them as much as our covers. When it came time for us to record, we decided to produce a CD with only two cover songs and fill out the album with songs first played by The Tim and Bob Show.

We still haven’t completely decided on what the CD will be called, but we’re aiming for a Fall 2008 release. Don’t worry, if you’re a relative, a friend, or a member of Tim and Bob Nation, you’ll find out when it is available for sale.

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