Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funtabulous at Water Street!

Well, Saturday night we were billed by Water Street Oyster Bar as The Funtabulous Tim and Bob Show, so we did our best to live up to that seriously cool modifier. The evening began slowly -- perhaps the fine weather or the Final Four games downtown kept folks away -- but by midway through our performance, we had a nice crowd upstairs.

We also discovered that we were audible and appreciated downstairs when a very nice gentleman took the trouble to come all the way upstairs to compliment our work during one of our breaks. He said he was helping his mother-in-law -- Evelyn -- celebrate her 84th(!) birthday, so we immediately ended our break and sang the Beatles' Birthday.

Showing some impeccable timing, Bethany showed up just as we were playing her song -- Pretty Woman naturally. She brought Ben and Leigh-Anne with her. Tim and Bob Nationals Kacey, Chrissy, and Kacey's friend Joe also graced us with their presence.

Mary Lou debuted her version of the Eagles' Desperado, and we were lucky enough to have Kathy with us -- straight from rehearsal for her stage work, and free of the downtown traffic. Luckily, she got there in time for all of her songs and all the four-parters.

It was a very good night!


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