Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend for a Short-handed Band

This was another two-gig weekend for The Tim and Bob Show. If we get any more popular, we might have to hire look-alikes! And, both of our gigs came off without Kathy -- who is busily singing elsewhere. Luckily, we picked the best possible weekend to play two outdoor gigs. It was warm and dry and comfortable for everyone.

Friday was our 2008 return to Beto's Cantina Latina. We set up in blinding sunshine that turned into a cool Spring South Texas evening. Steve debuted two beautiful Bread songs -- Aubrey and If. With Kathy gone, we weren't able to do any of our patented four-parters, but we still provided plenty of variety to Tim and Bob Nationals Mary and Jim as well as a huge party for Stephan, back from the "horrors" of Paris to the cultural highpoint that is San Antonio. By the end of the evening, we made several new friends, including Talley, Beto's manager, who signed us up for several more gigs. Check out our upcoming gigs section to see the other dates we've booked for this great San Antonio restaurant throughout 2008.

After a short day off, the three of us got back together at the "scene of the original crime" Fralo's -- where we played our first paying gig back in August 2006. Once again, the weather was cooperative. As a matter of fact, it was almost cool by the time we finished. The Sunday night crowd was small, but appreciative. And it was swelled significantly by Tim and Bob Nationals Beth, Ben, Marcelo, Nicole, Matt, Elizabeth, Hank, Karen, and Sam. We love it when friends and family come out to hear us, and we hope we gave them everything they came for.

Kathy? Well, she opened Crisis: The Midlife Musical down at the Cameo Theatre in San Antonio's historic Sunset Station area. She'll be in the show until early May, and we'll miss her, but we hope that some of the folks who've enjoyed her work with The Tim and Bob Show will treat themselves to a fun night out. Who knows? You might see the rest of the band there as well.

Well, another weekend is approaching, and that means more music. Hey! It's still Springtime, San Antonio! Come out and have some fun!


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