Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trip Report -- Road Trip, That Is!

Well, after taking a rare weekend off to heal the guys' voices, The Tim and Bob Show drove about 100 miles north of the city on US281 to the Texas Hill Country to provide some entertainment for the patrons of Pillar Bluff Winery, in Lampasas.

After watching local weather forecasts all week, we were prepared for rain, but there was none! What there ALSO was none of, however, was springtime temperatures. By the time we started playing at 3 o'clock, it was in the mid 50s, and the sun was only a rumor in the skies. By the time we finished at 7, It never got a whole lot warmer, but there were patches of blue skies here and there. But BETWEEN 3 and 7 ... wow!

Pillar Bluff's patrons are as classy as their wine, and everyone was fully committed to having a good time. And that's exactly what we did. The guys' voices held up, and the girls seriously cooked. As a matter of fact, just about everything we tried worked well. At the owner's request, we put in our version of UB40's Red, Red Wine, as well as almost every John Denver song we know -- and we even debuted Sunshine On My Shoulders. By the end of the gig, we'd made a lot of new friends -- many of whom you can see if you click HERE.

Anyhow, after breaking down, and packing away yet another two bottles of Pillar Bluff's fantastic "Boar Doe," we piled into our rented minivan and drove back to San Antonio, a very happy and contented crew.

Thanks to Gill, Peggy, and Rachel of Pillar Bluff for being such good hosts as well as enthusiastic listeners. We know we'll see them again -- hopefully this fall -- and we encourage each of our San Antonio Tim and Bob Nationals to make a day trip up to Lampasas, meet these folks, and buy some excellent wine. Here's a link to their website. Oh, and tell them we sent you!

As for us? It's back to normal with four April gigs in and around San Antonio. We're looking forward to playing for you again.


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