Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Are So Hot!

And if you don't believe it, check out the photos section of our home page!

The last weekend of Spring continued to feel like mid-August. We hit triple digits all three days, but we weren't all that concerned. Our one Friday evening gig was indoors, and our group outdoor activity on Saturday afternoon was a joy for all of us regardless of the heat.

On Friday, June 19, we played our usual "third Friday" gig at Orderup in the Colonnade. Once again we loved playing at the location and enjoyed the company of their wonderful staff. It's a kick when even the cooks stick their heads out of the kitchen to say hello. We were celebrating the fact that the entire band was together, and so we featured a lot of four-part songs. Mary Lou debuted two new songs: Don McLean's "Vincent," and Jonathan Edwards' "Sunshine." Steve and I played our latest composition, "Thirteen Miles From Comfort" for the first time. We now have added three new songs since our CD came out in October. At this rate we'll be making another trip to the studio in ... well, let's not rush back, shall we? The highlight of the night for me, and for the audience I'm sure, was the inclusion of Dan Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band." Steve thought it appropriate to play with Father's Day just around the corner, and I heartily agreed.

Tim and Bob Nationals Richard and Justa, Peggy, Pam, Karen, and Casey were there, and Steve's colleague Patricia showed up with her family. Once again, playing at Orderup was like playing at a party. A great night.

Saturday afternoon, the band reunited at a local Target store to buy 18.6 lbs. of cat food. No, this wasn't in support of some radical health-food kick that had captured us. This was us following up on our promise to our friends at Pet Pals of Texas. The previous Saturday, we'd donated our services as the featured performers at a Pet Pals fundraiser. We also promised to buy a bag of cat or dog food for each CD we sold. We met up with Vicki and Linda at the Pet Pals office/store room and made our deliveries. We're hoping that the work we do and have done for these folks can help the animals that are so vital to the elderly and disabled people they serve. We'd do anything for Pet Pals, and why not? Vicki is one of our biggest fans.

Next weekend will provide us with a bit of rest. We'll be performing next on July 4, and there'll only be three of us, as Mary Lou takes a few weeks off after some surgery. Where do we PLAY NEXT? What does the rest of the year's schedule look like? Are we really as good looking as the gossip columns say? Check out our WEB PAGE to answer all these questions. And while you're there, TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

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