Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hat Beats the Heat

According to my calendar, it's still spring. However, down here in South Texas this late spring weekend featured triple-digit temperatures in abundance, just what a band whose youngest members are in their 50s needs!

On Friday, we returned to Beto's Comida Latina for our monthly gig on their inviting covered patio. We were grateful for the breeze we got throughout, since we were setting up our gear outside in 101-degree temperatures. Tim and Bob Nationals Matt and Beth were there, along with Brett and Lisa. We made some new friends also, and Steve enjoyed his forays into electric guitar land. But the star of the evening was, without a doubt, Steve's new hat!

On Saturday, we had our much-anticipated fundraiser for PetPals of Texas. This organization is devoted to helping the pets who help their disabled and elderly owners. We've done several fundraisers over the years -- including a couple for PetPals -- but this one was one we had great hopes for. Vicki, who is in charge of the group, is amazing at coordinating these events, as well as publicity. She also LOVES The Tim and Bob Show.

The place was so filled with Tim and Bob Nationals that it seems almost excessive to mention any, never mind all. We were pleased, however, to meet a good friend of Vicki's, KONO disc jockey Steven O. Sellars. KONO features the 60s and 70s music we specialize in, and Steve and Kathy chat with Steven on Facebook all the time, but this was the first time he'd actually met the band and listened to us play.

And play we did. We decided to spice up our usual covers with several of our originals. Why? Because we had pledged to purchase 3 lbs. of pet food for each CD sold at the event. Well, that's one reason. The other is that we like to do the songs that Steve and I wrote.

We had a ball, and the music sounded good. We raised a lot of money for Pet Pals, and we will be delivering 18 pounds of food to them very shortly. It was wonderful to watch all of PetPal's volunteers get the venue and food ready. It was great to play "concert-style." It was wonderful to watch Vicki dancing to our music again. It was fantastic to meet El Perro Loco [as selected by the San Antonio Fiesta Committee] and his owner Ozzie, one of three people whose lives this little Fox Terrier has saved. It was great to have Steven tell his Facebook friends "You have GOT to hear this band." It was wonderful to be part of the occasion. But, best of all, it was great to share the stage with Steve's new hat!

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