Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

The first weekend of October was a busy one, as all weeks will be this month. The first two of eight October gigs were on October 4 and 5, as The Tim and Bob Show played Saturday night at a very comfortable and familiar indoor venue – Water Street Oyster Bar – and then set up on Sunday morning to play at a gig at a new outdoor venue at noon.

Water Street was fun as usual. We had great food – Mary Lou and I favored the Oyster PoBoys, Kathy had the shrimp enchiladas, and Steve had a roasted chicken breast sandwich. We had lots of folks up in the loft with us, including dancing children [Landon and Ashlyn]. We enjoyed their company and their appreciation of our music. We also enjoyed the applause from our unseen listeners downstairs. And we got to sing The Beatles’ “Birthday” for Danielle who was celebrating with her parents. It was a great night for us, and more was to come.

On Sunday we all drove downtown to San Antonio’s world famous El Mercado. We were to be part of Taste of San Antonio, a music and food festival honoring the diversity of San Antonio’s heritage and the food that goes along with it. The festival ran the entire weekend, with four stages operating, and food stands spread out along the wide walkways. We were to open the festivities on the Museo de San Antonio steps. The crowds were smaller than they would be later on in the day, but there were plenty of people to listen to us. We decided to feature the womenfolk as much as possible, so all but two of the songs we played had them either singing or playing percussion. After almost a full hour of playing, we relinquished the stage to the next group, broke down our equipment, walked a good three blocks to our cars, and then returned to sample the great food available. After tacos, and marinated mushrooms, and shrimp cocktail, and other seriously tasty treats, Mary Lou and I topped it off with a huge lemon-flavored agua fresca. What fun.

With a special shout out to Casey who took photographs, handed out business cards, and helped us tote, and to Oscar, who was our “sound guy for the day,” here’s hoping that we’re invited back again next year.

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