Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

So, how do The Tim and Bob Show follow our CD release party? How does the week that follows NOT be an emotional or professional letdown? I don't know, but somehow, the week after the debut of Take It Outside was even more eventful than the week of. How is this possible? Don't ask us; we're just hanging on.

On Thursday we got a call from Patrice at The Texas Music Coalition letting us know that we had been selected as the Coalition's "Artist of the Year" for 2008. To say we were stunned was putting it mildly. We're proud members of the organization, and even put their logo on our new CD, but we certainly didn't expect this. Having said that, we're NOT demanding a recount. We weren't able to collect the award in person, though, and we'll get to why in a bit.

On Friday we returned to Orderup at the Colonnade for our monthly gig there. It was a fun night, and it was great to play without the pressure of getting ready for CD release day. Casey and Roberta were the representatives of Tim and Bob Nation attending, and we made some new friends as well.

Saturday? Well, we couldn't attend the TMC awards function Saturday night because we were having our first gig at WineStyles at Stone Oak. The owners, Jerry and Jean, like to provide live music on the patio outside their beautiful wine emporium. We played from 7:45 until 10:15 there for their customers, as well as for customers of the nearby Italian restaurant and assorted passers-by. The evening was lovely and the audience was great. Tim and Bob Nationals Beth and Matt showed up, as well as the Offutt's who we hadn't seen in quite a long time. They hung out until the bitter end and bought our new CD before they left. At the finish, Steve and I were so hyped, that we jammed for a few minutes just for our own satisfaction. At some point, Steve invited Matt to borrow his guitar and take a few choruses. Great stuff, and I bet we have some pictures (click here) of the event to prove it.

We're looking forward to returning to both these establishments next month, and for many months to come. We're also looking forward to collecting our award. Once we do, we'll have some pictures of that as well.

After the events of the last two weeks, what could possibly be next for The Tim and Bob Show? I don't know, but when it happens, you'll be able to read about it here.

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