Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Venue + Old Venue = 7 Hours of Tim and Bob

No, this isn’t the beginning of a math problem, it’s a very brief recap of our first weekend in September. But, since I’m not really into BRIEF recaps … .

On Friday, September 5, we played our first ever gig at Rio de Vino. We’ve been patrons of this establishment since they opened late last year as a small wine shop at the corner of Babcock and Wurzbach. Since then, they’ve expanded their operations to include a restaurant and wine bar, and – thankfully for us – they are one of San Antonio’s most recent live music venues. It was difficult finding an open date for both us and them, but we “had a match” for this first Friday.

We came ready to play for four hours on their covered patio. The humidity had dropped considerably, and there was a nice breeze blowing, so weather was not a negative factor. It’s been a while since that’s been the case for an outdoor gig. Veteran Tim and Bob Nationals Bethany and Matt dropped in, as did John and Mary and their friends, Ben and Cassie. Jerry and Mary Ellen showed up for more than one song this time, and over the course of the evening we recruited new friends Carol, Alex & Doug, Ryan & Angela, and Dejah & John. We’d like to thank Dejah and John for dancing to “Lady In Red” and to Carol and Alex for dancing to everything!

By the end of the evening, we all felt quite at home and thanked those who hung out for most of the four hours. We told Tom and Lori how much fun we had at their place; we’re hoping to find some more mutual openings again real soon. Whether we’re there or not, however, we encourage all of Tim and Bob Nation to try out Rio de Vino. It’s a great place to go for incredible food and an outstanding selection of wine.

The next evening we visited Water Street Oyster Bar on Broadway and Basse. It was the first Saturday of the month, and that seems to have turned into our regular opportunity to set up and play in their cozy night-club like loft. We had plenty of diners throughout the evening, as well as some folks who came upstairs after dining to have a drink or dessert and to listen to the music. Among the folks who came to listen and enjoy were our friend Chris and HIS friend Teresa, Rod, and Jim and Neesie.

As usual, the folks at Water Street made us feel welcome and served up fantastic sea food. We like playing here because it gives us an opportunity to do our more “mellow” stuff, especially Kathy’s show tunes.

Well, one two-gig weekend down, and we’ve got another one this coming weekend. Ah, the price of fame!

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