Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Good Fun at Pillar Bluff!

The last weekend of September was one of those rare occasions in which The Tim and Bob Show were NOT performing in San Antonio. This was not because we weren't wanted. It was because where we were MOST wanted was in Lampasas, Texas, two hours north of San Antonio and right, smack in the middle of Central Texas wine country.

Late Saturday morning, we loaded up our rented mini-van with all our music equipment, snacks, and our cross-word puzzle book for the trip up US281 to Lampasas. It was a great day for a drive. The weather was warm, but not overly humid. The skies were clear, and we never tired of the trees and fields. Although all of us had crossed the Pedernales River over the big bridge at Marble Falls many times before, we still were struck with what a beautiful introduction to a city this vista is.

We were headed a few miles north of that river to play at Pillar Bluff Vineyards, a place we'd discovered on a rare weekend off last fall. This would be our second gig there, and we were looking forward to reconnecting with Gill and Peggy, and seeing some of the fine folks that we'd met in the Spring. This time Gill had turned over the premises to the Girl Scouts of America -- at least the Central Texas branch of them.

This was a fundraiser replete with silent auctions and announcements and testimonials and tributes. Of special interest to us was an organization associated with GSA that consisted of women who were successful in business and professional careers acting as mentors for young girls. And because the fundraiser was at Pillar Bluff, there was the usual great food and amazing wine to go along with it. We enjoyed both.

We also did some performing. It was nice to actually see people dancing out there -- "Crazy" was a particular favorite -- and we saw a lot of seated folks bopping along to our upbeat numbers like "Mustang Sally," "Rocking Pneumonia," and "Locomotion." We debuted three new songs for the event, America's "Daisy Jane" with Steve and Kathy doing the vocals, as well as four-part versions of America's "Don't Cross the River" and The Beatles' "Let it Be." We can't wait to perform these for our San Antonio Tim and Bob Nationals as well.

By eight o'clock we were all finished and breaking down our equipment for the drive home. We left with full tummies from the good food laid on for the occasion, the thanks of the Central Texas Girl Scout leadership, and the warm good wishes of our hosts at Pillar Bluff. Oh, and we also left with some seriously tasty Girl Scout cookies!

What's next? Well, October is going to be the busiest month ever for The Tim and Bob Show. Between October 4 and 31, we'll be performing EIGHT times at seven different venues -- three of them brand new to us. There'll be our usual gig alerts for each of them, but we want to give you a heads up for Saturday, October 18. Our new CD, Take It Outside, will be released that date, and we'll be playing at Casbeers at the Church in the King William District. This will be the first time anyone will be able to buy the CD, and we'll celebrate that by (a) selling each CD at a$2.00 discount and (b) donating a portion of each sale to our friends at Pet Pals of Texas.

So, start mapping out your October calendar of events. Check out our upcoming gigs page for the dates, times, and places of all our October doings.

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