Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of Grande Dames and Dancing Children

It was another full weekend of performances for The Tim and Bob Show as we returned to two of our favorite places to play.

On Friday we played at Order Up in the Colonnade again. I say again because we'd played there only six days previously. We had some young families in attendance early on, and they seemed really into what we were doing. It was a great night for us. People were listening, and Steve and I were feeling great. Kathy was in outstanding voice, and fun was the rule of the evening. Tim and Bob Nationals Hillary, Marcelo, Sam, Karen, The Other Don, Dave, and Sarah graced ourselves, along with our good friends Peggy and Pam. Pam is a recent enlistee in The Tim and Bob Army, but she's already one of our most enthusiastic fans. The two hours raced by. What a fun place to spend time!

The next night found us in Lincoln Heights at Water Street Oyster Bar on Broadway. This is our only regular Saturday gig and we always enjoy the nightclub-like intimacy of their loft. We started playing to a full house and, around 8:30 were visited by two young families in town for a visit. They had eaten downstairs and their children wanted to get closer to the music. And then they began dancing. All of us love it when kids get up and dance at our gigs. If you don't believe that, you really need to check out the photo section of our WEBSITE. You'll see these kids too, as Kathy had the camera busy. Oh, and if you missed this gig, you might have missed the best vocalizing by Kathy in a long time. She was smokin'!

There were no fully paid up members of Tim and Bob Nation at this gig, but we made a lot of new friends among Water Street's generous and fun-loving clientele. We look forward to our next gig there.

Well, we're exhausted from all this work, but we'll be back in the studio Monday night, laying down track for our new CD that we hope to have on sale in late fall.


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