Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th -- The Gig!

Well, it was yet another sweltering evening in South Texas last night, but The Tim and Bob Show -- or what was left of us -- were at Beto's Comida Latina doing our best to make everyone's dinner time just a little more pleasurable.

When Steve and I got there to set up, there was no-one on the patio. There were also few folks in the restaurant proper. By the time we started, though, there were several tables filled and, throughout the night, we had a nice responsive [and generous] group to play for. We even did a couple of requests from the audience.

Tim and Bob Nationals Ellen and Deedy were there, along with Deedy's friend Paige. We met some new friends also, most notably Anita and Scott. We passed out a few cards and chatted about our website, but we really missed the networking that "the girls" do at our gigs. We also missed their voices, percussion, and, uh, THEM!

With BOTH Mary Lou and Kathy out of town, Steve and I had to draw on some of our solo material to provide the listeners with as much variety as possible while still giving us an opportunity to sit down now and again. We finally scratched an itch and, with the exception of one "Steve Alone" song, and an audience request, the title of every song in the second set began with the letter "L."

The biggest hit of the night was our latest rocker, "South Texas Saturday Night." We've only been playing this in public for about a month now, but we really appreciate the response we've been getting. We should get it recorded soon along with the other songs that will be featured on our CD.

Did you miss the gig? Well, no problemo. The Tim and Bob Show continues to gig all over San Antonio. We still have gigs scheduled for the 20th, 22nd, and 28th. If you'd like to get a personal invitation to those gigs and all the others, motorate over to our guestbook page and sign up for our gig alerts!

See you around SA!

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