Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy, Sleepy July

Well, at least it was for The Tim and Bob Show. Whereas in two of the previous three years, the band had as many as six gigs scheduled for this month, we only hauled our gear out twice, and then on successive weekends smack in the middle of the month.

On July 10, we returned to Olmos Bharmacy – the venue that is rapidly turning into our favorite in San Antonio. Patty Lou stuck around to listen to us, and she was only one of many Tim and Bob Nationals to be there. Beth and Matt, Hillary and Brian, Dick, Pam, Richard and Justa, Jack and Pat, Rick and Jessie, Pat, Lee, Larry, Phil, and Debra showed up. As a matter of fact, for more than half the gig, the majority of Patty Lou’s and Bharmacy’s patrons were from our mailing list. We took advantage of the friendly crowd to put in a lot of four-parters, including our a cappella version of Johnny Mercer’s classic “Dream” – a big favorite of Miss Hillary.

The next Saturday found us at Stonewall [near Fredericksburg, TX] for a return trip to Becker Vineyards. We had a two-hour afternoon session on the porch and were warmly received by Becker’s patrons. It’s amazing how much our audiences enjoy our music when they can sit and listen while drinking good Texas wine. We didn’t really expect too many folks to follow us up from San Antonio, but – well – we were wrong. Vicki, Loyce, Linda, and Linda’s sister Nancy [or as we like to call them “Summer’s entourage”] were there, along with Mara, Dick, and Internet radio personalities Wild Bill and Jo Ann. We’re hoping to visit their studio soon and make our Internet radio “live” debut. And, finally, Cindy brought along Bob and Tim to see us again. Yes, friends, Bob and Tim showed up to listen to Tim and Bob.

Doesn’t sound like a lot of work for the band, but that’s not so bad, really. During this spring and summer, we’ve brought several new songs into the mix [and we’re working on some more]. As Kathy is becoming more proficient on the bass and Mary Lou more diversified on percussion, we’re converting several traditional “Steve and Don” songs to four parters. Steve and Kathy come up with two or three new songs for their spotlight sets each month, and Mary Lou and I are doing the same. Haven’t come to listen to us in a few months? Come see us in August and beyond and you’re likely to be surprised by what we’re playing now.

Finally, since I talked about Fein Tuned last month, I guess it’s alright to talk a little about myself this month. Relatively late in the month, I scratched a long-term itch by finally sitting in with the band’s good friend, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jerry Bailey. He hosts an open-mike at the Bharmacy every Wednesday, and so Mary Lou and I dropped in. I took my guitar and sang a couple of songs with him, sang a couple with Mary Lou, and then performed solo in front of people for the first time since – well probably since Nixon was in the White House. Steve and Kathy were kind enough to come out to support us, along with a few Tim and Bob Nationals. The biggest shock was the appearnce of my niece Jennifer, who lives in Austin and arrived without a harbinger to herald her approach. It was fun, and the itch was scratched, but I'm always happiest standing to the left of Steve with Kathy and Mary Lou between us.

See you soon, and have a good summer!

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