Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of Birthdays, Tote Bags, and Loads of Good Friends

The second weekend of July found The Tim and Bob Show performing at a "regular" venue as well as in a location we'd never played. Each performance was memorable, and each was very well attended by folks friendly to the band.

On Friday, we returned to Beto's Comida Latina for our regular 2nd Friday gig. We were buoyed by the news that Tim and Bob National Katie had decided to have the San Antonio celebration of her birthday with us [Katie lives and works in Austin]. We knew she would bring some friends, but we weren't sure just how many. What we DIDN'T know is that a regular visitor to our Orderup gigs would decide not only to visit us at Beto's but also to bring some out-of-town visitors. Between those two parties, a party of folks that included a gent that used to work with Steve, and a few other unexpected Tim and Bobbers, we had lots of friendly faces to entertain on the evening. While the wait staff informed us that, indoors outside of the raging heat, there wasn't much business, outside in the 100+ degree temperatures, the joint was jumpin'.

In addition to Katie, the Tim and Bob Nationals who attended were Hillary, Frank and Elizabeth, Cathy, Elizabeth, Cristina, Ryan, Aaron, Peter, Marguerite, Dylan, Brianna, Justin, Sandra, Kelly, Erin, and Louie. In addition, we inducted these new Nationals: Susan, Ron, Stephen, Jennifer, Seth, Bodoin, Jim [and five of his friends], Tara, and Mary. During our last visit to Beto's -- also in screaming heat, there was a period of time there when Tara and Mary were our ONLY audience. A big change this time.

Also attending was Mary Lou. Still unable to sing after her recent surgery, she kept herself busy by taking pictures, chatting with patrons, and helping us sell some CDs and band merchandise. Band merchandise? What band merchandise, I hear you cry? Well, this gig was the debut of The Tim and Bob Show Take It Outside tote bags. Yes, our first foray into brand merchandising is a wonderfully handy and versatile [and environment friendly] tote bag that's available in four colors. How much do they cost? I'm so glad you inquired. Come to a future gig and find out.

Three hours of music and lots of handshakes and hugs later, we trooped home and got ready to do it all again the next day.

On Saturday, the band was booked as entertainment for a joint birthday party for two of our most favorite Tim and Bobbers. Both Mara and Loyce were celebrating, and the party was held at Mara's business, Jewell's Gymnastics, in Schertz. We played for two hours, intermingled with the attendees -- most of whom we knew very well -- and even sampled some of the food, beer, and wine they had on hand. Once again, Mary Lou didn't sing, but she did take pictures and socialize, and like the rest of us, watched whenever a party-goer got up to dance or decided to try his or her hand at the trampoline or balance beam. I resisted the temptation to try the gymnastics, but I did sneak in a dance with Mary Lou.

Listing the Tim and Bob Nationals who attended would be silly, since just about everyone there was a long-time friend of the band. Just leave it at the fact that we enjoyed playing indoors, we loved the company, and the audience might just have had as much fun as we did! Thanks Mara and Loyce!

Well, that's it for the weekend of July 10-12. Next weekend we're working on Friday and Sunday, and we're hoping that Mary Lou can sing with us a bit on Sunday. Once again, we invite you to check out our website, especially our upcoming gigs, CD sales, and photographs sections. And, as always, thank you for supporting live music, and try to keep cool!


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