Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Rainy Weekend in San Antonio -- REALLY!

Memorial Day weekend began with two Tim and Bob performances. Since both featured an unusual sight in these parts -- RAIN -- we needed a bit of luck in getting everything going.

On Friday we performed at Orderup at the Colonnade. it looked threatening when we got there, but we had completely unloaded our equipment and brought it indoors before the rain started. Indoors is the key word in that last sentence, by the way, since it rained on and off throughout the entire evening, but the musicians and their audience stayed dry.

Steve and I gave two songs their San Antonio Tim and Bob Show debut -- the Traveling Wilbury's hit "Handle With Care" and the Ringo Starr classic tale of aging rockers "The No-No Song." Both were well received. Tim and Bob Nationals Casey and Karen showed up, and we made new friends Patricia, Gabriel, and Betty and Mike. Mary Lou was back singing with us, and rocked the house with "This Wheel's on Fire."

On Saturday, we traveled over to Steve and Kathy's house in mid-afternoon to help them load up for our 6 o'clock gig at Beto's Comida Latina. This is usually a Friday fixture for us, but that wasn't what was concerning us. We had been experiencing heavy downpours for a couple of hours before the trip, and Beto's performance space is on their patio! Although we drove through a drizzle to get there, by the time we arrived at Beto's the rain had passed. It stayed dry throughout the evening, and it wasn't until we were driving to Steve and Kathy's for unloading [and a sip of wine] that the rain began again.

Tim and Bob Nationals Gary and Holly were there along with three tables worth of friends including Melissa, Mark, Luke, Danny, Lisa, Forest, Noel and few others. Hillary, Bethany, and Matt were also there, as well as Peggy and her "date" Arlis. Also there were Kathy's fellow cast members Caron and Desi. The early start meant that Kathy could spend the first 40 minutes or so with us before departing for her final performance of Angel Street, and her buds wanted to hear her and us, of course.

We had a great time playing to a crowd that -- for the largest part -- came there specifically to hear us. Steve got his electric out and got off more than a few scorching solos. His three choruses of "Raccoon Rumble-seat" got roars of applause from some listeners about 1/3 of my age! Coolness.

All in all, another fine weekend. We have more gigs in the weeks ahead, of course, but it's great to have the whole band back together again. You'll find a list of our upcoming gigs HERE . And, while you're perusing our web site, stop HERE and tell us what you think!

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