Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at Beto's!

Yes, Spring must officially be here for The Tim and Bob Show, because our pollen-postponed return to Beto's finally occurred on Friday, April 10. And we were more than ready for it.

We love Beto's staff, their patio, the customers, and -- especially their food. I had the taco al pastor with borracho beans, rice and salad. Yum. But I digress.

With Kathy's play opening soon, the lineup was one short. Mary Lou was there to help Steve and me with the singing and the audience mingling. We broke out our towels for the first time this year and, in true South Texas fashion, soon realized that we needed them less than we could have used long sleeves. Yep, after a week that featured one day with a high of 99 [!], there we were lightly chilled in our Tim and Bob Show 2008 World Tour of South Texas tee-shirts while our towels sat abandoned like the nerdy guy at the Senior Prom.

This being an outdoor gig, Steve got a lot of use out of his Epiphone as well as his beloved Taylor acoustic. As a matter of fact, Steve wound up with quite a little fan club. Two young guys -- each in tee-shirts with guitar motifs -- positioned themselves within inches of his Taylor and stood stock still while he played and sang "Fire and Rain." The older of the two might have been 11 or so. Steve was more spooked than delighted by his new position of fascinator of pre-teens. Anyhow, once he'd finished, they made a song request. And what sort of song does an 11-year-old South Texan want to hear? Why, "something by Bob Dylan" of course. Since Dylan is my territory, I complied with "Don't Think Twice" -- aka "Flatpicker's Delight."

There were some Tim and Bob-ites there. Hillary and Matt, Bethany and Matt, and Preslee and Marcelo [with whom I spent a little time chortling over the recent Bolivia-Argentina soccer result]. Joining this crew were Rusty and Paula, who drove down from the Dallas area to visit Hillary -- and the rest of us. Mary Lou and I had heard a lot of good things about these people, and we were surprised that they were even more wonderful than advertised. They are new friends of the band, and good friends of each of its members.

How did we sound? Fantastic, of course. If you'd care to check out just how fantastic that sound is, come to one of our upcoming gigs. You'll find a list of them HERE . And, while you're perusing our web site, stop HERE and tell us what you think!

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