Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twenty-four Hours Before Winter Time

The Tim and Bob Show returned to Patty Lou's for a pre-Christmas gig on Sunday, December 14. As it turned out, it was a pre-winter gig as well. Less than 24 hours after the daytime performance ended. temperatures had dropped more than 40 degrees!

I'm sure it wasn't anything we said!

As usual, Patty Lou's was warm and inviting for us. There were plenty of folks there throughout the time we played, and they were responsive and appreciative. Some of them even took home CDs as really cool Christmas presents. We played most of our holiday material, along with our usual mix of originals and covers. Kathy's version of "Santa Baby" got a good reception, as did our four-parters.

Tim and Bob National Casey showed up for pancakes and tunes. We also made some new friends.

We'll be back to Patty Lou to usher in the New Year, as we have in the past. It's fun to go there; it's like being at home -- except someone else washes the dishes!

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